The rise in popularity of cosmetic services can be attributed primarily to the rapid advancement in medical technology. A decade ago, fewer people considered opting for treatments mainly because of the many horror stories that had to do with the risks involved in cosmetic treatments.

Today, cosmetic treatments are seen as necessary spending. It’s necessary in the sense that the environment is fast becoming harsher by the day. It takes several generations for us humans to adapt to the harsher sun and contaminated air. The skin needs every bit of help it can get. Which is why cosmetic treatments are well worth it.

Clinics today used advanced tools and procedures.

Nonetheless, if anything can be said about cosmetic treatments other than being effective, it’s the fact that they cost quite a bit of money. It’s not something that a family or an individual can whimsically decide to get on the very same day. Of course, with the exception of those who can easily afford any of them.

Chemical Peel

The usual approach in forcing the skin to produce a new, younger layer is to smother coarse commercial exfoliating cream on the face. This is effective in its own right but has its obvious downsides. The most obvious one being the state of the skin for more than a month. After exfoliating, a sensitive layer of the skin is exposed. And it doesn’t look good.

Fortunately, chemical peels came along and provided an alternative and more effective way of exfoliating the skin. Chemical peels work in a similar way but it utilizes advanced chemical formulation to gently peel off the topmost layer of the skin.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to think that chemical peels don’t expose the fresh layer of the skin as well. Fortunately, recovery is a lot faster compared to using commercial exfoliating creams. In addition, any reputable beauty clinics will suggest the use of creams that can help the skin recover even faster.


If there’s one thing that microdermabrasion has as an advantage over chemical peels, it’s affordability. The price range difference is noticeable. And, for some people, the process of microdermabrasion exfoliation sounds more appealing than slathering their faces with chemical compounds.

Though, to be fair, chemical peels use safe formulations. But microdermabrasion takes the cake when it comes to services offered by affordable beauty salons in Brisbane Northside like The Facial Hub.

Microdermabrasion works by using a tool with a surface lined with fine crystals. This is rubbed on the face to peel off a thin layer of the skin. Regardless of how scary the thought of scraping the face may be, most patients actually report only a ticklish sensation.

Skin Needling

Skin needling, like microdermabrasion, may sound scary to some people initially. However, skin needling is highly effective in helping the skin revive its collagen-producing capability. It can sting a bit, but not so much as to make it not worth the cost.

It looks comfortable enough that one might not even notice the sensation of needles.

The cost of microdermabrasion Brisbane from The Facial Hub is usually a good indicator that their skin needling treatment is also priced reasonably. Of course, just as with spending money on anything today, doing a bit of research helps a lot.

Fortunately, this is easy enough to do thanks to the availability of information on the Internet. Checking out reviews and a clinic’s website is an important step in choosing where to have the chosen treatment.