The male pattern baldness is scientifically known as the Androgenic alopecia, a genetically caused hair loss affects almost 60% of men across the world. This is the most common and very particular type of hair loss that affects mostly the temple, crown, top, and the mod-crown area of the scalp. If you are experiencing the thinning of hair, mostly from the top, front, and the crown area with a receded hairline, it means you are suspected with the male pattern hair loss and consult your Doctor as soon as possible. The hair loss caused by the genetic factor influenced by the DHT sensitivity, which presents the various grades of baldness that may range from class 1-7, depends on your state of hair loss and your overall health characteristics.

According to a medical data, the cases of hair loss are increasing day-by-day due to the unhealthy lifestyle and addicted habits to the smoking, alcohol and a sedentary life that accelerates the problem of baldness if the person already possesses the hair loss genes, which is transferred from either parent.

The male pattern baldness or genetic hair loss affects one’s personality and disturbs their both the personal & professional lives. It is a major devastating situation if someone lost around 50% of hair at a very early age and headed to the hair transplant clinic. So, it is recommended to take an initial consultation very early when you started to notice the hair loss problem.

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How the Male Pattern Baldness creates a major Drawback in Your Personality

The reason behind the male pattern hair loss is genetic or a family history. It must be re-evaluated by the Surgeon that what grade of baldness with you affected and is there any external factor that influences your problem of hair loss. There are many good doctors & Surgeon in India for hair loss to which you get the consultation and follow the advice to control the problem and opt the procedure of hair transplant by the expert Surgeon if the cause of hair loss is genetic. The hair transplant in India provides you with a better option to get the procedure by the best Surgeon, the best facilities & care and all at an affordable cost of the services.

The Male pattern hair loss decreases the personality & looks and a patient feels aloof in a social group it affects psychologically and one can go into an extreme situation of stress & frustration. It changes the one’s behavior and affects one’s life, both psychologically and physically.

The premature graying of hair and the hair loss problem increases the risks of heart disease revealed in the 69th Annual Conference of the Cardiological society of India. This conference presented a study on the link between the hair loss and heart disease and found out that a premature graying in youngster increases the risks of heart disease. The researchers stated that both baldness and graying of hair at a very young age can double the risks of cardiac disease rather than the obesity.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is a scientifically proven technique cosmetic surgical procedure that is done either by the FUT/Strip harvesting technique or an FUE technique. This process involves the excision of hair roots from the safe donor area and later transplanted into the recipient bald area in such a manner that the patient gets a head full of hair withal the aesthetic concerns if done by the expert Surgeon. This is only a single permanent option to get back the original hair roots with all the natural characteristics of color, caliber and resistivity properties to the DHT (Di—Hydro Testosterone).

The Significance of Hair Transplant procedure is jotted down below:

  • It gives permanent long-lasting hair roots
  • It gives younger looks by regenerating the original hair roots
  • It is free from maintenance and one can enjoy the hair growth, color and caliber
  • No follow-up is required once the hair transplantation has been performed in the bald area of the scalp
  • An undetectable hair transplant result can be achieved if the performing Surgeon has an expert of the restoration procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is recommended by the Surgeon if the patient experiences the hair loss with the male pattern baldness and present a particular grade of NW class of baldness. The technique of the procedure, whether the FUT or an FUE has the same goal to regenerate the original hair roots with all the natural characteristics of hair with a motto to attain an unnoticeable hair transplant surgery result.