Human body is very likely to involve in its breakdown completely if a few special functioning organ of the body is affected. Kidney is such a name in that list along with liver and lungs. It has been seen medically that these three things, that is lungs, kidneys and liver are connected very closely in functional system of a human body. That is why it should be kept in conscience that if you are suffering from diseases of kidney, it is needed to treat your liver too at the same time. And simultaneously it is true for lungs disease also. Keeping all such information in conscience Chinese medicine has come up with Chinese herbal medicine for kidney disease and named it Kilimend. This medicine is come in the form of capsules which are processed from fungus my celia. This my celia is fermented artificially which is gathered from plateau of Sichuan Tibet at a high about 4000 meters approximately. With this capsules people can able to set the equilibrium among internal organs and also people can eliminate malad just ments in their body by regulating opposite forces named Yang and Ying (by ancient Chinese philosophy). As because this capsules are made out of natural ingredients, the effect of this capsules are safe, reliable and free from toxic and any side effects. You can visit TCM clinic online to use Chinese medicine symptom checker

The main natural constituents of this kidney tonic are as followed.

  1. Organic acids
  2. Cordyceps polysaccharide
  3. Mannitol
  4. Ergosterol
  5. Vitamins
  6. Peptides
  7. 19 amino acids

Beside all such natural constituents there are many trace elements present in this Kilimend like calcium, iron, zinc, manganese etc. With this kidney tonic one can strengthen his or her immunity system with such active constituents which also help to reduce serum fats, diminish inflammation, resist the bacteria, resists convulsions, induce sedation, inhibit the cell’s growth in case of tumor, relax the smooth bronchi muscles, resists aging and many such things like that. So in simple words this medicine is best for prevention of kidney disease. Beside this main purpose of this medicine, there is much other effect you can get from this.

  1. Hepatic function regulation– The capsule formed Kilimend is used to treat hepatitis B and such chronic infectious disease which attacks mostly on the liver. Simultaneously this capsules help to protect overall health of the liver, fend it from fibrosis and alleviate any injuries to the liver caused due to toxic substances.
  2. Regulation of respiratory system’s functions– This capsules help to relax your bronchial smooth muscles and eliminate symptoms of panting, couching and phlegm secretion. For over a long period of time this has shown positive therapeutic effect in treatments like tuberculosis, hemoptysis, chronic bronchitis and phthisical cough. Moreover doctors recommend this Kilimend for diseases like chronic pulmonary obstruction and all.
  3. Renal function regulation– This products has shown therapeutic effect when it is used for the purpose of renal failure and chronic nephritis. People who are suffering from edema, shortness of breath and palpitation, oliguria and abnormal distension will see the improvement withing short period of time by using this capsule. In case of arterial sclerosis and hypertension, people can improve their renal function with the help of this medicine and it will simultaneously improve proteinuria, blood fat etc. Cholesterol of your body will also be reduced at the same time.
  4. Among many other effects some are notable like function of sexual gland will be improved, direct tumor resistance, blood fat regulation, regulation of hemopoietic function, increase the endurance level of the organisms in the body etc. Here I also recommend You to purchase Top natural male enhancement pills online

Use this Kilimend as per the prescription. For Kidney diseases treatment one will have to take this medicine continuously for three months.