Whichever way you choose to look at, emotional distress are part of our daily lives. You are either anxious about something, worried, thinking or depressed. All of these put a strain on our mental health so much so that if they are not checked, they can knock us off mental balance. Several persons have gotten to this break point and thus are said to be suffering from mental illness. And one thing about mental illness is that the symptoms are visible unusual behaviors.  The New York jungian therapist approach to healing mental disorders acknowledge that manifesting symptoms of mental disorder is one of the stages the body must pass through to burn out the illness.

The field of medicine that deals with psychiatric problems like this seem to be stereo-type in dealing with mental illnesses; they only recommend solutions that eliminate the symptoms. While this may seem to work at the initial stage, it does not effectively tackle the root of the problem. As long as the trigger factors still remain, patients suffering from mental illnesses may have to leave perpetually on drugs only potent enough to cure symptoms recommended by medical practitioners; inherently, this pose a risk of addiction to clients.

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For this reason, Carl Jung, an analytical psychologist who hails from Sweden postulates a very different approach to psychotherapy; he holds the view that the body and mind can be self healing if it is allowed to. According to him, the very symptoms traditional medicine eliminates are very useful indicators that point to the trigger factors of the mental illness, so to eliminate symptoms is to deprive the body’s neurochemistry and to prevent the body from releasing the hormones, anti-bodies as well as the regulative systems that would enable it cope with and by itself stop symptoms.

Carl Jung’s concept of self-healing therapy is buttressed by a typical patient’s recovery from the flu viral infection; a patient may suffer so much discomfort from high fever, catarrh and severe headache but they all serve the purpose of killing the causal virus. As the body attacks the virus, it is normal for the body to feel exhausted as a result of the tremendous increase in body activity. The point is this, just as the body attacks the virus in response to flu symptoms, the human psyche can only be called into regulatory action when the symptoms of mental illness are there.