As adults, we tend to do periodic checks on our ear, but how often do you check the ears of your kids. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, more than 3 million kids suffer from varying degree of hearing loss, and one-third of them are below the age 3. Sadly, hearing loss brings about difficulty in speech and language development. If you detect that your child is experiencing hearing loss, pediatric diagnostics Lansdowne VA is a must. Plus, early detection is a great way to proffer quick, efficient solution to your child’s hearing problems.

A professional who specializes in pediatric diagnostics Lansdowne VA carries out series of test to determine the cause of the hearing loss. There are many causes of hearing loss. These include high bilirubin numbers shortly after birth, head trauma, bacteria, meningitis or recurring ear infections.

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Moreover, pediatric diagnostics Lansdowne VA can be done anytime. As a matter of fact, some local school districts make hearing test a must for all kids. When it comes to evaluating a child’s hearing, pediatric audiologists make use of many different techniques. These include behavioral, which requires the child to respond in certain ways to determine whether he or she can hear a certain sound; and objective, which uses advanced technology for a response while the child sits in one position. Sometimes, the child may be asked to identify a few selected pictures and words to see how well he can hear the instructions while the test is ongoing.

If, after the testing process, your child is diagnosed with hearing loss, there are different options to use. This includes amplification – this process makes a sound clearer, louder and more understandable. This technique works best for children who have a minor hearing loss. The commonest of them all are behind-the-ear devices. Reason being that they last longer and are just perfect for active children. In most cases, your child may require a stronger amplifier, and in this case, hearing aid is the ideal option. Other ways include communication via lip-reading, finger spelling or sign language.

Contact a professional pediatric audiologist for reliable hearing tests. To get the best result, choose an audiologist with vast years of training and experience. By consulting a certified audiologist for pediatric diagnostics Lansdowne VA, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kid is in the safest hand possible.