For people who experience abdominal pain regularly, it may be tempting to just tough it out and will themselves through the pain. Though this may be effective if the pain doesn’t last for too long and the pain isn’t as severe, this is not the best approach for the more extreme cases. It is important to know when the stomach ache that you’re experiencing isn’t just any other stomach ache.

When it is time for medical intervention, you should not skip out on this huge responsibility. Further damage in your body, especially those organs connected to your digestive system, may be permanent if you let symptoms persist for too long.


For most cases of mild abdominal pain, it is the only thing being experienced. When the abdominal pain is accompanied by other things such as the ones below, contact a physician immediately:

Vomiting blood

Blood in stool

Sharp pain lasting for extended periods of time

Sudden twisting pain in the abdomen

Pain causing nausea

Shortness of breath due to pain

Pain experienced after consuming a food that contains allergens

Pain experienced after suffering an injury

Pregnancy or cancer being accompanied by the pain

Inability to digest properly

Frequent urination

Painful urination

Loss of appetite leading to weight loss


When you experience the symptoms above, it is important to get in touch with a physician as soon as possible. Treating severe cases of abdominal pain is important to ensure that the debilitating pain will no longer be felt. Addressing the issue as you move forward will also be possible especially if you can state what caused the pain, what pain you’re feeling, and where you’re feeling the pain much more accurately.

Those that are unable to even move due to the pain may not be able to answer questions properly or go through the physical examinations involved before giving the treatment approach.

Treatment of the abdominal pain will also base on what caused the pain in the first place. There may be limitations depending on the physical and mental background of the person experiencing the pain. Food allergies that you may not be aware of may be explained to you so you can avoid any allergens which may trigger the abdominal pain again.

Antibiotics will be prescribed to you along with mild doses of antidepressants if required. During the treatment and recovery process from the abdominal pain, you should refrain from intense physical activities to avoid further strain to the abdomen.


If the pain that you are feeling in your abdomen is restricted to just minor belly aches, then it may be possible for you to skip out on contacting a doctor. However, it is still important to address the issues that may be causing the abdominal pain that you are experiencing while it is still early so you can avoid experiencing worse pain later on. Ignoring the pain can cause it to become persistent and may cause the pain to be much more extreme and debilitating.

Is it a simple abdominal pain or do you need to see a doctor to have proper workup? Read our resources at International Foundation For Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) to learn more.