Magnesium is generally attained by humans via diet and it is present in huge quantities in nuts and leafy green vegetables. Magnesium Threonate is acknowledged as one of the bioavailable forms of magnesium for civilizing the levels of magnesium in your brain. This compound was developed by one Chinese scientist and it is a mixture of mineral magnesium and a chelating compound, known as L-threonate and L-threonate is helpful to cross the bioavailability and blood-brain barrier. The impacts of these two compounds combine to propose short-term and long-term memory improvements, improve sleep quality, lessen the signs of depression and anxiety, and provide neuroprotective impacts to combat cognitive decline.

There are present many kinds of magnesium but this compound is considered as the best magnesium supplement for the majority of people. This medication is bioavailable and it was created at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the form of a dietary supplement to increase different cognitive functions, such as learning. As this medication is a new one in the market, so it lacks extensive testing. The best part of this medication is it has relatively fewer side effects and augments the levels of a mineral which nearly everybody lacks.

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Appropriate dosages

The common magnesium dosages meant for adults are 400mg daily for men and 300mg daily for women. The common products that contain this medication offer 2000mg/serving. However, it is vital to note that this quantity gets transformed into 140mg of elemental magnesium. There are countless people who stack magnesium compounds with calcium in a ratio of 1:3. When people supplement themselves with chloride and magnesium oxide, they get rid of gastrointestinal side effects, like diarrhea and bloating. Hence, a magnesium citrate turns as an exceptional product for supplementation. You can also use this medication for psychological improvement. This medication should be taken daily with a proper balanced diet.

Buying this compound

There are many ways through you can purchase magnesium but it is not always found in the typical threonate form. As this medication is new, so, many health food stores and local grocery might not store it. You can easily find this medication for sale and for this; you can depend on various online stores. Again, you can locate others products too that contain magnesium threonate. Products such as Qualia along with other compounds contain this medication. However, before buying, it is important to do a proper research on the supplier and this will ensure a reliable buying.

Averting the side effects

This compound is considered the best magnesium supplement that can lift your mood, improve focus and concentration, reform your quality of sleep, and raise your levels of energy too. But taking huge quantities of magnesium can result in undesirable side effects. Some people take large dosages of magnesium, which is over 350mg daily and this results in irregular heartbeat, brain fog, and low blood pressure. Hence, it is highly recommended not to take magnesium by people suffering from kidney issues. Again, including more magnesium can lead to an irresistible burden and mineral too isn’t safe for people suffering from heart conditions, like heart block.